As always, invitations are basic in any wedding. They are your first and main contact with your guests and its your first chance to make a good impression. In 2017, wedding invitations trend toward floral patterns, watercolor textures and minimalistic design.
The natural world will be playing an inspiring role in invitation design this year, so flowers, leaves and even animal outlines and stylized lines and curves will be trending throughout 2017. 

Stripes and lines will remain in fashion in 2017, especially in bold colors like black, gold, various shades of purple, fuchsia pink, and more... Also, geometric elements like dots, chevrons, squares and triangles will be seen everywhere on invitations.

If you favor a more delicate approach, you may opt for pastel pink or earth tones, which will be trending in 2017, and will give your invitations a sophisticated, elegant look. There is no limit in color combinations. You can even make your own.

Trending fonts will be those that imitate legible handwriting, in different sizes and styles.